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Welcome to our repositories of projects.

We build Community Technology.

Community Technology: noun, plural tech·nol·o·gies; Open source communication and collaboration solution that promotes social scalability.

Another way to put it: The projects below represent the technologies we wish we had in order to build the open community technology we wish we had.

We know we are on to something powerful whenever self-referential loops like this can be found in information science. That’s because technology helps us automate repetitive tasks, thus freeing humans to do human things.

Our computing systems are becoming really good at identifying patterns. We know that just from looking at everything Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter knows about us. In our view, they know too much.

Empowering communities.

Building a community is hard. Everyone knows that. Why is it hard though? We all want to belong to communities so building communities should be easy.

Building communities is hard because it takes money, communication, event space, travel, building relationships, and so much more. Thankfully, many of these things can now be automated online.

We select and invest our efforts in community technology projects that facilitate the automation of value generation, collaboration, private virtual spaces, trust networks, and other open solutions that facilitate the collaboration of people towards a common goal.

Each of the projects below are all self-funded and community-driven. If one (or many!) of the projects are of interest to you, please join our channels and help us lead it to successful completion.